Does Bad Back links Devalued By Google ?


We are Continues Seeing Penguin update ... Whether Google did not Declare it  ....After Penguin 3.0 Update ....Google Confirmed about next To Penguin 3.1 But According to my Data ; I Noticed Many updates During 15 Days ....

At The Time of Penguin 3.0 Release , Many websites Disappeared From search ( 17 October 2014 )  
And on 25 November Mostly Recovered without Any work , 99 % Websites are on the main track now; but All Keyword Did Not Get Old Ranking , If A Websites Keyword Was on 1st Position Then now it is on 7th Position.


Google is now Tricky and some Webmaster said that Google did not Give any Thanksgiving day Gift; their was an whole upgrade in Google algorithm and Google have to Implement in the search but Google employee still working on it.
So Google Taken Back whole Google Algorithm and now we have to only Wait for New Version of Penguin.

"Hiring a Expensive Hosting Company" is Data Safety Step?

if you think that hiring a expensive company can save you from hacking and more is data lose ;due to hacking then you should awake.
no one is safe from hacking and if think that money can give you extra security then it is not true.if a server host many website( i mean "shared server ") then it is really impossible to stop hacking.
because if someone use nulled script and it can be gate of access in server and probably your site access can be void , now your website is open for them ,then can change your data , can use your site as hacking tool for others , can use to do illegal things and you will catch in this matter.

Solving Point is Vps or Dedicate Server

vps can save you from hacking because you know "what you are uploading and you can control it can add some extra plugin to stop hacking at your end.
you can use packet filter firewalls ( offer data center ).
although firewalls hardware can be costly but is really effective.

Hardware Firewall Attached To Your Hosting Server
Hardware Firewall can help you in better manner because it scan every attempt of hacking , scan every network packet that can make your server ill . server fever is very dangerous ; as you can lost your valuable data or stealing factor also associate with it. information stealing is not future idea , it is noways fashion because many country use these as a weapon. they dis active many websites to show cyber power.
if you rent packet filter hardware then it is wise decision , do not waste time on ant software because only hardware can help you. 

ovh vps review

i bought ovh virtual private server 1 years ago. it was xeon and ram was 16 GB and was working good when their was only 5 website.

after a month i ran google adword and i got many hosting clients.

now their was 20 website and these website was very simple .
i checked that they can not load high.
but it go down (every hour) i found that these are not capable to bear high load.
these are not normal servers. i think these are cheap prices because these servers can not work well in high load.

imagine 20 website only........on 16 ram vps and it go down on only 20 websites ?

does ovh provide good servers ?
does they use simple machine that we use in our home ?
or they use real servers ?
why ovh servers do not work on load ?
ovh servers can not host more simple websites?
but other companies vps work well on high load also.
so always test a 1 month ovh servers will know whole problems.... do not forget to increase website in ovh servers because without making load on ovh servers will not know the real condition of these servers.....

cheap vps hosting

we provide these services . prices are cheap and services that we provide are good . at the basis of the services , we give our best to our client . inexpensive servers that are capable to load high traffic . if you thinking to purchase but also want good services then rely on us .low price virtual private servers.

we will help in every matter that you need . so we advice to take you managed servers. we offer managed servers at normal price , so you afford easily . servers makes many problems in daily life. in that hacking is one big problem .we are sure that our prices are not expensive and not high in price . all plans are costing little
.To be safe from hacking .you should consider some below points :-

1.  always use secure script . means :- if you are using html page then you should check all weakpoints .like base64 codes are easy to hack , so never use base64 code .

2 . do not download and upload in server html or other website script that comes from unknown source or related to suspicious website or source.

3.  php also weak script .if you are using php then hire a php developer and ask to him to check all weakpoints because it will save you from future hacking problem.

4. use always ssl certificate

5. ssl certificate is security certificate . to implement ssl certificate you will need your own dedicated servers because in shared low cost web services you can implement but shared services will not give full benefit of ssl certificate.

we will welcome to you in small price company .short price will make you happy.

Can I Make Desktop Computer As Vps ?

A Hosting Server also a computer and its operating system also operational on desktop computer , you can create server in your desktop computer , but you should know some difference between :-

  • HEAT
desktop computer is only for normal uses as it use normal hardare , server is meant to run 24/7 and day night , you can not off it , if you off then it will consider in downtime and you will see unhappy client , a 24/7 running computer generate heat and it can burn your whole system easily .

electricity connection also matter because wire type also reason of your security from fire,burn . in our home we use normal wire and his wire can not maintain high heat , due to long time uses or voltage . server needs continuous power and this make it trouble for your home . you will need high heat capable wire. 

  • Internet connectivity with better speed

your internet speed is king when you run a server , because should need fast speed internet speed with unlimited bandwidth , limited bandwidth can create high load on your bill , you will never save if you have limited plan and if you have low speed internet then it will worse you more

check reseller hosting page for Belgium


vps servers

linux reseller hosting

nowdsays searching cheap linux reseller web hosting is very hard . when you find in belgie then you find that this company do not provide good support .you need  minimum 12 hours live chat support because it solve problem easily .mostly companies do not provide good support and somedo not provide cPanel or Plesk Panel.

it is very important to work as website designer and develope website . they  purchase unlimited space from other for single account .everytime they loose money because they can save by purchasing these from our company .

and we provide this domain hosting at cheapest price . we will get also best support in just your budget that will not you cost your pocket much.
who is the helping web host and from you bought plan for web(domein) hosted.
it have also backdrop " mostly do not provide backup services at the any cost or provide it with costly plan , normal user can not afford it easily and if they have low budget then it is very hard to purchase , this is really important to buy backup facility because hacking is the main bug on the internet and mostly hackers ruin your data after steal it .
you can hire another server to maintain your backup and you can control it easily and you will know "what is going on as backup , you can restore and you can modify timing also "
backup at no wait time is in only your remote servers , if you use remote server only for backup then it is really liable option and should be choose.  backup server work on only low load and it have only minimal work to maintain. it works fast without any error and do not hang , do not damage , you can optimize easily.