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we provide these services . prices are cheap and services that we provide are good . at the basis of the services , we give our best to our client . inexpensive servers that are capable to load high traffic . if you thinking to purchase but also want good services then rely on us .low price virtual private servers.

we will help in every matter that you need . so we advice to take you managed servers. we offer managed servers at normal price , so you afford easily . servers makes many problems in daily life. in that hacking is one big problem .we are sure that our prices are not expensive and not high in price . all plans are costing little
.To be safe from hacking .you should consider some below points :-

1.  always use secure script . means :- if you are using html page then you should check all weakpoints .like base64 codes are easy to hack , so never use base64 code .

2 . do not download and upload in server html or other website script that comes from unknown source or related to suspicious website or source.

3.  php also weak script .if you are using php then hire a php developer and ask to him to check all weakpoints because it will save you from future hacking problem.

4. use always ssl certificate

5. ssl certificate is security certificate . to implement ssl certificate you will need your own dedicated servers because in shared low cost web services you can implement but shared services will not give full benefit of ssl certificate.

we will welcome to you in small price company .short price will make you happy.

Can I Make Desktop Computer As Vps ?

A Hosting Server also a computer and its operating system also operational on desktop computer , you can create server in your desktop computer , but you should know some difference between :-

  • HEAT
desktop computer is only for normal uses as it use normal hardare , server is meant to run 24/7 and day night , you can not off it , if you off then it will consider in downtime and you will see unhappy client , a 24/7 running computer generate heat and it can burn your whole system easily .

electricity connection also matter because wire type also reason of your security from fire,burn . in our home we use normal wire and his wire can not maintain high heat , due to long time uses or voltage . server needs continuous power and this make it trouble for your home . you will need high heat capable wire. 

  • Internet connectivity with better speed

your internet speed is king when you run a server , because should need fast speed internet speed with unlimited bandwidth , limited bandwidth can create high load on your bill , you will never save if you have limited plan and if you have low speed internet then it will worse you more

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