ovh vps review

i bought ovh virtual private server 1 years ago. it was xeon and ram was 16 GB and was working good when their was only 5 website.

after a month i ran google adword and i got many hosting clients.

now their was 20 website and these website was very simple .
i checked that they can not load high.
but it go down (every hour) i found that these are not capable to bear high load.
these are not normal servers. i think these are cheap prices because these servers can not work well in high load.

imagine 20 website only........on 16 ram vps and it go down on only 20 websites ?

does ovh provide good servers ?
does they use simple machine that we use in our home ?
or they use real servers ?
why ovh servers do not work on load ?
ovh servers can not host more simple websites?
but other companies vps work well on high load also.
so always test a 1 month ovh servers will know whole problems.... do not forget to increase website in ovh servers because without making load on ovh servers will not know the real condition of these servers.....