"Hiring a Expensive Hosting Company" is Data Safety Step?

if you think that hiring a expensive company can save you from hacking and more is data lose ;due to hacking then you should awake.
no one is safe from hacking and if think that money can give you extra security then it is not true.if a server host many website( i mean "shared server ") then it is really impossible to stop hacking.
because if someone use nulled script and it can be gate of access in server and probably your site access can be void , now your website is open for them ,then can change your data , can use your site as hacking tool for others , can use to do illegal things and you will catch in this matter.

Solving Point is Vps or Dedicate Server

vps can save you from hacking because you know "what you are uploading and you can control it easily.you can add some extra plugin to stop hacking at your end.
you can use packet filter firewalls ( offer data center ).
although firewalls hardware can be costly but is really effective.

Hardware Firewall Attached To Your Hosting Server
Hardware Firewall can help you in better manner because it scan every attempt of hacking , scan every network packet that can make your server ill . server fever is very dangerous ; as you can lost your valuable data or stealing factor also associate with it. information stealing is not future idea , it is noways fashion because many country use these as a weapon. they dis active many websites to show cyber power.
if you rent packet filter hardware then it is wise decision , do not waste time on ant software because only hardware can help you.